Saturday, 2 May 2015

Knitted Flying Kite Elephant

The circus goes on with my new hobby, the knitted soft animals! And not are they only cute animals - they are kind of loony too! Watch out for this guy, Kenny, the flying kite elephant, who got tired of being related to the world's heaviest animals and made his dream come true to fly! When I took the photos of him for this post he was just all over the place! I had a tough time making him be still for just a couple of seconds to get some nice shots of him in his new kite uniform.
Kenny is the soft animal proof of that you really can make your dreams come true even if your dreams are a bit "out of the box". He wanted to fly so very much, be free like a bird, but he didn't have any wings or feathers like the birds have. One day he saw a kite high up in the sky and he knew it was the answer to his problem. Now he flies all day long playing follow the leader with his new bird friends, and the bright colors of his kite uniform shines in the sun!

 Kenny is made of acrylic yarn and I have constructed the pattern myself. It took about two weeks to make him and now he and his moose buddy Sven with the red pants is having a blast together.

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