Sunday, 26 April 2015

Textile Bag KEANE Makeover

One of my favourite music bands is called Keane and I have loved their music for eight years. I have been to two of their conserts here in Sweden and each time I have bought some merchandise to have a memory of the consert. The Perfect Symmetry World Tour back in 2008 I bought this textile bag. My mother sew a lining in it because it was very thin and for years I have used this bag to carry my lunch box for work and my knitting equipment.

Here is the final result of the makeover! :)

As you can see the original bag was quite damaged so I decided to give it a little makeover.

I cut out the print from the original bag, washed it and sew all around the edges.

The fabric I used is a Laura Ashley fabric that is very thick, so thick that you can use it for upholstery. I am sorry I didn't find the exact fabric on the internet to show you, but if you like the style of it you can check out Laura Ashley homepage and browse through their collection of fabrics :)

I pinned the edges of the printed square and sew it on one of the Laura Ashley fabric squares.

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