Saturday, 18 April 2015

Drawing Meg Ryan

One of my favourite movies is "When Harry met Sally" starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal from 1989. I can't remember how many times I have seen that movie, probably fifteen times.
Meg Ryan's character Sally Albright is a lovable person and I wanted to make a drawing of her. The picture is taken right in the beginning of the movie when Sally is sixteen years old, waiting in her car for Billy Crystal's character Harry Burns to stop making out with his girlfriend so they can start their journey from Chicago to New York.

The technique I use is lead pencils with the softness between  3B and 5B. I also used a pencil with pin to get really sharp details around the eyes and in the hair. The paper is sketching paper.

There are some details I couldn't point my finger at that made the drawing not entirely looking like the original. I think I should have used the darker pencils like 5B and 6B much more to get a "wow-effect". However, I think it looks quite good when I am comparing it to the original picture.

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