Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Knitted Soft Toy Moose

Knitted animals and soft toys - who doesn't love them!? I have thought of making soft animals many times before but I have never really giving it a fair try. This time I decided to really make an effort because these kind of handicrafts are very lovable and you can really use your imagination to create cute things. I love to create from scratch and build things with my own imagination and design and I think this could be a new fun hobby!

Today I will show you my first soft animal friend :) He is a Swedish moose and his name is Sven. Sven is one of a kind because he has red pants (and I can tell you it is not very likely to find a moose with pants in the Swedish woods these days). Ever since the day he got the pants he loved them and whatever others may say or think about it, he will never throw them away!
As you can see he is quite a lively moose making silly moves every time I tried to take a picture of him...!

I wrote the pattern myself as I went along and the total time from making the first calculations until he was finished was about 10 days.
It was Easter holiday this past weekend and I had a lot of time knitting while my husband played videogames and I watched sitting beside him. At the moment he is playing Bloodborne, which is a new game related to the Demon's Souls and Dark Souls games. I really like to follow the stories these games are hiding - it is almost like a movie sometimes. So there I sit in our sofa having one eye on my knitting project and one eye on the tv-screen :) 

The horns were apparently excellent support when standing on the head...

Perhaps standing a bit too close to the camera...

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