Sunday, 29 March 2015

Easter Decoration - Easter Witch for the Window

Next weekend it is Easter and for this post I made a fun Easter Witch decoration to hang in my kitchen window :)
In Sweden some people celebrate Easter the Christian way in remembrance of Jesus Christ's passion, death and resurrection. However, in recent times, the Passover for the common man have lost much of its religious content and has become a secular family celebration were old folklore, ancient Nordic traditions and Christian traditions are all mixed.

"Easter witch" is according to old Swedish folklore, witches who traditionally fly on brooms to BlĂ„kulla, the Brocken, on the night before Maundy Thursday to feast and then return on Easter Sunday. According to Wikipedia, ever since the early 1800s it is common in Sweden that children dress up as Easter witches, knocking on the doors in the neighborhood wishing everyone "Happy Easter" while giving away homemade cards and drawings. In exchange they get some candy or pennies. 

In Sweden we also put birch twigs in a vase and decorate it with colorful feathers (the twigs are initially connected to Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, and the palm leaves sprinkled in front of him on the ground).

When I was a little girl my mother made a little Easter Witch like this and I remember it very well always wanted to make one for myself one day. Well this was the day - or days - because it took me about three days to make it from start to finish. 

I will not make a tutorial for this doll but I will give you all the parts you need to make it. You will need:
  • Pantihose for the head
  • Cotton wool for the head filling (my doll's head diameter is approx. 5cm)
  • Needles
  • Yarn for the hair (Put four of your fingers together and wire the yarn around them. Sew the upper loops to the head. Cut the lower loops to get single threads. 
  • Sewing thread for eyes, mouth and freckles
  • Fabric for the dress (the fabric I used you can find at Fabric-World or in Sweden at Ohlssons Tyger)
  • Fabric for the headscarf (a triangle) and the apron
  • Fabric for the body and arms (my doll's body is approx. 10cm *5cm)
  • A branch (about 20-30 cm) for the broom handle
  • Small twigs for the broom bristles cut in 7 cm length 

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