Monday, 9 March 2015

Eye Mask

Sometimes I think it is difficult to fall asleep when it is not completly dark in the room. The issue is quite small in the wintertime because here in Sweden it can be dark from 15.00-09.00 but now when spring and summer is coming it will be a bigger issue - at least for me. One thing I have discovered these past few years is a sleeping mask that covers the eyes making sure all light is getting away from the eyes. The mask helps me to relax and makes it easier to fall asleep. For some time now my eye mask has been ready for the trash can because I have used it so much and today I finally made a new one of some left over fabric :)

I used my old mask as a model for the new one and I will give you my steps to the final result by drawings.

I used a patterned fabric with cute flowers for the outside and a solid black fabric for the inside closest to the eyes. For the edging I used white satin ribbon (approximately 3 cm wide) to make the finish a little more glamours :) The stripes around the head is stripes of white cotton fabric.

You will need:
1 piece 21cm*10cm patterned fabric
1 piece 21cm*10cm black fabric
2 cotton fabric stripes 3cm*40cm
1 satin ribbon 3cm*45cm
White thread

Fold the long edges of a fabric stripe into the middle of the stripe and iron it flat. Fold the stripe in the middle on the long side and iron it again, see picture below:

Use this technique for both the cotton fabric stripes and the satin ribbon.
Here is the pattern you need for the eye mask. Print it or draw it by hand. Make sure you get the right measurements.
Make sure the black fabric is thick enough so the daylight does not get through.
Let the front sides of the both fabrics face eachother.

Turn the mask inside out and iron it flat. Fold satin ribbon all around the edges and sew it into place.

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