Saturday, 21 March 2015

Green Short Sleeve Blouse

I found a lovely fabric last week, a green one with tulips called "Tender Tulips" from Soft Cactus. It is a really happy pattern that makes me think of spring and summer and because it is so nice I thought long and hard what kind of pattern I would use to make the best out of it. I thought of a skirt at first but then it might be nice with a blouse... Finally I decided to make a blouse and I found a pretty blouse pattern in Burda Style 5/2014. The model is quite straight in the waist area and it has some wrinkles on both right and left chest and on the back. It is a cute model and I will definitely use this pattern again! :)
As usual I started to follow the pattern instructions step by step but when I got to the neckline I had trouble understanding the instructions. I read it over and over again (maybe I had a bad day or maybe I was just tired) so I gave up and skipped the instructions and did my own thing haha! I think it turned up pretty well and I actually think it is my best work of sewing I have ever made! Hurray!

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