Sunday, 4 January 2015

Knitted Pink And Purple Striped Cap

I hope you have had a lovely time during the Christmas and New Year holidays! I celebrated in my couch watching movies and video games while knitting :) My husband is currently playing a quite new game called "Lords of the Fallen" and that is, along with "Dark Souls" and "Demon's Souls" the type of games I really like watching because there is a story and it is a reason why you should go to certain places. Knitting is a very good occupation while watching TV and this cap I will show you today is a easy project even though you have to count sometimes. The original free pattern you can find here at Drops Design Studio and it is not striped but in the picture below you can find my homemade striped pattern. I really like to take a pattern and change it even if I do a very small change - I like to do it my way.
The reason why I decided to make a cap was because I got my hands on yarn in such beautiful colors some time ago and I just had to make something of it and I also really needed a new cap. I did these knitted slippers in a previous post and it is the same yarn I am using for this cap. I gave those slippers to my sister in law as a Christmas present so I hope her feet are getting warm this winter :)

I hope I get you inspired to try make your own cap, it may take a while to finish it but you will feel proud wearing it all winter :) Today I am taking mine out for a walk!

Happy Knitting!

I used needles no 5 and in 10 cm2 I knit 17 stitches and 36 rows.

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