Monday, 19 January 2015

Homemade paper

Sometimes it is fun to just do things your own way even if it is easier to just buy something. In this case I am talking about paper. Yes, it is very easy and comfortable to buy nice paper in the store but if you don't allready know it - making your own paper is pretty easy AND it gets a very personal touch to it if you use it for a handwritten letter or labels on birthday gifts! I used ordinary newspaper for my paper sheet but if you would like something more colorful you can choose old colored paper such as an old telephone directory and some newspapers have colored pages.
I didn't have a frame with thin net which is the usual tool for doing this kind of thing. However, I found a letter tray in my home and used that instead :) You need to use your imagination to solve problems sometimes!

You will need:
1 scabbard which is a bit wider and longder than the frame with net
1 ordinary photo frame with a thin net tensioned on it on one side. You can staple the net on the sides of the frame.

1. Cut or tear small pieces of a newspaper and put them in a bowl together with water. Let the paper swell over night.
2. If the mixture is still a bit lumpy you ca use a mixer or an electric beater to make it smoother. Add water if needed.
3. Pour water in the scabbard and then some of the paper mixture and let it distribute in the water.
4. Lower the frame into the water and catch up the paper mixture. Shake the frame a bit until the paper mixture evenly distributes in the frame.
5. Lay the frame with the paper side down on a towel. Use a sponge to press the water out of the paper from the backside.
6. Gently remove the paper from the net and let it dry on a towel.
7. When the paper is almost dry you can iron it to make it flat.

Happy paper-making!

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