Saturday, 10 January 2015

Homemade Citrus Marmelade

On Christmas Day we visited my brother in law and met the whole family on my husband's side. It has become a tradition to play a special game when we meet at Christmas. The special game is called "The Present Game" and is as follows:
Each person brings three presents all wrapped in fancy paper with a cost of about 5 dollars each. We all sit down at a big table and put all the presents in a big pile in the middle. Then each one of us in clockwise order get to throw a dice and if you get number six or number one you get to take one present from the pile. When everyone has three presents each it is time for the next part of the game. Someone set the alarm to ring in about 10 to 20 minutes and then no one gets to the see how much time is left. Then we start in clockwise order again to throw the dice. If you get number six or number one you have to exchange one of your presents with anyone else's. This is so much fun because it is often one or two presents (often the largest and has very inviting paper) that everyone wants and no one knows how much time is left until the alarm clock will ring so it can get a little hysterical haha... When the alarm is ringing the time is out and the game is over. Now it is time for everyone to open the presents and look what they got :)

For this game I did not want to buy something, I wanted to make someting, and today I am going to show you what I came up with! I was really surprised to realize that it was not that difficult to make and it did not take alot of time either :) The glass jars are bought at IKEA and they are called RAJTAN, here you can find them on the Swedish site!

Homemade Citrus Marmelade (about 2 L depending on the size of the fruits)

800 grams of oranges
400 grams of lemons
4 deciliter water
1 kilo jam sugar (contains sugar, pectin, citric acid and potassium sorbate)
Clean glass jars put in oven for about 20 minutes 75 Celsius (not the lids) so they are warm when you pour the marmelade in them

1. Wash the fruits well in hot water. Dry them with a handcloth and cut both ends.
2. Cut the fruits in small pieces and remove any seeds. Then use a food processor or a stick blender to mix the pieces to more of a puree consistency.
3. Boil the citrus mixture together with the jam sugar and the water in a large sauce pan for 15 minutes. 
4. Take the hot glass jars out of the oven and use a large spoon to pour the marlelade into the jars. Be careful because it will be very hot! Fill the jars up to the upper edge of the jars and put the lids on immediately. Put the jars upside down. 
Let the jars cool in room temperature and then store them in a cold environment.

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