Saturday, 27 December 2014

Napkin Folding Origami Crane

New Years Eve is near and many of us enjoy doing something special to celebrate it. If you are one of those who will cook a delicious three course dinner for many guests or will just make a simple dinner for two there is always a reason enough to do a nice table setting. The classical types of napkin origami for the table setting are the "Standing Fan"  you have on the plate and maybe a traditional "Lily Goblet" you put in the glasses but I wanted to make something slightly different and decided to fold the Crane. The Crane is a classic origami model but perhaps not as much a model for table settings as an iconic symbol of peace connected to the sentence "fold a thousand cranes and you are granted a wish" and the symbol of peace in memory of the Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki who was one of the innocent victims of the nuclear bomb in Hiroshima.

New Years Eve is the last exciting day of the year and we all think of it as the door to a new beginning, a chance to change and it lights up dreams for the upcoming year. Decorate your evening with the symbol of peace and make the night even more special.

Happy New Year to all of you!


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