Sunday, 4 October 2015

Crocheted Wrist Warmers

This weekend I found some really cute wrist warmers to make in the sofa while watching television. I was looking for a easy project and something I could really use.
I am a true beginner when it comes to crocheting so I was very pleased when I found this video tutorial for these wrist warmers on Drops Design Studio's homepage. The video is really easy to follow (no sound, only visual) and you work with both the video and the free pattern at he same time. When you get the hang on the pattern routine you don't have to look so much in the pattern description and it turns out quite fun when the fingers just go with the flow :) Oh, and you can change the pattern language in the menu just below the picture!

Since I had these yarns I really wanted to use (because I love how they shine in the sunlight) the thickness of the yarns doesn't match the thickness recomended in the pattern and the final result of the hand warmers is not very graceful and smooth like the pictures in the pattern. However, I don't really mind, I think that the colors turns the roughness to look quite charming so I am proud to put them on anyway :)

This type of garment is not ideal for my own use because my fingers gets very cold easily. These wrist warmers cover basically the whole hand except the fingers so if it is a bit cold outside it is better for me to use knitted gloves. These wrist warmers will however be good to use between autumn and winter when it is not too warm but not too cold either.   

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