Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Drawing Rihanna

Sometimes I think it is relaxing to just sit down, listen to music and sketch. I particularly like finding a celebrity to sketch and then listen to the person's music while I am sketching him or her. For me it feels like I do a better sketch if I absorb the music while going down into the exact details of their faces.

Something that moves me every time I am sketching a portrait of a person is that a face contains so many shadows, lines and corners that I need to observe to make the face look like the original person. This time I tried to sketch Rihanna, and although I am very aware of it's not perfect I like the outcome :)

I used pencil hardness F to do all contours at first and then I used 4B and 5B to make the shadows. To even the edges between the shadows I used a stump. Finally to make sharp contours I used an oridinary mechanical pencil. The paper is ordinary sketching paper.

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