Sunday, 10 August 2014

Brown/Off White Knitted Baby Cardigan

Last winter I started knitting on this baby cardigan but for some reason I don't remember I forgot about it and it was left unfinished in my sewing box in a mess of fabrics and yarns. But a couple of months ago I found it (when I finally organized my messy, messy sewing box) and I decided to finish it.
When I started this blog I had several unfinished projects at home just waiting for me to take care of them, and one by one I have managed to finish them :) Yay!

The pattern for this cardigan comes from Drops Designstudio where you can find free patterns for any occation and severity. Click on this link to get to the pattern I used! If you would like another language for the pattern, just click on the menu at left under the picture and you can choose your language!

I used 100% cotton yarn for this cardigan and therefore it is very soft and light in the texture. Personally I like it better when the yarn is a bit more hairy because it makes the loops in the knitting more tighter together - when a yarn is a bit more hairy it fills up the little holes that the knitting texture natuarally comprises.

Overall I am pleased with the result and maybe in the future this cardigan will come to good use for someone, but for now it gets its own place in the "Finished Project Box" :)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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