Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pink Denim Jacket

This week, the first week of my vacation, I decided to finish my denim jacket I started on about three months ago. Because of other projects, work and laziness I didn't finish it when it only was the lining left to make. I guess that's just the way it is with some projects, some fall between the chairs and you really need to make an extra effort making yourself finish it.
Anyway, it is finally finished and I am quite satisfied. I made one mistake though, by using a rather thick lining fabric. I think a thinner fabric would have made the final result a little less bubbly. Maybe one day when I have the inspiration I will change the lining fabric but right now it feels good. At first I thought this jacket to be a spring/summer jacket but now with the thicker lining I think it is more of a late summer/autumn jacket, which suits me fine :)

I really like the diagonal zip at front. The uneven lower edge at front is also very cool (which I made up by myself as I went - this area looks differend in the pattern). Small details like that makes an ordinary biker jacket a bit cooler and modern - even futuristic.  Here is also a very good example of showing how colors can make big difference. The denim fabric is dark pink on one side and lighter pink on the other side. Instead of making all the parts of the jacket in same dark pink color (the front side of the fabric) I choose some parts to be in a lighter pink color (the backside of the fabric). I think it really make the jacket come alive in a different way than it would have done if all parts were dark pink.

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