Saturday, 19 July 2014

Cotton Summer Dress

Last week Burda Style magazine came in through the mail slot and landed on my doormat. I had other things to do at the time but after laying there beside me on the table in about an hour I couldn't resist it's tempting shiny plastic cover ready to be torn open (no nice and neat opening with scissors here!). Oh, and then the smell... my my, the smell of new magazine filled my nose as I open the centerfold, buried my nose and inhaled. Haha I have ever since I can remember enjoyed the smell of new magazines, I guess it is the excitement of the content, all the shiny pictures and sense the smell of "new" - I think I will never get tired of it.

I had just ended a sewing project, the pink denim jacket I posted about two weeks ago, and I felt like starting something new for the summer vacation. I found a cute short halterneck dress in the magazine, but because I have the idea that I don't fit very good in halterneck since I have quite broad shoulders, I kept the skirt part and used the upper part from an other dress instead.

I immediately fell for the fabric, it gives a little sense of "baking cookies in a rural kitchen with the afternoon sun shining in through the curtains" which I like, and it gets complete with the large pockets at front and the flounce hem. I also like the heart shaped neck lining - it is romantic and flattering without being too deep showing everything ;)
The skirt part is lined with a white thin fabric to give it a little extra stiffness and thickness. The upper part is not lined. 

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