Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pretty Pink Textile Flower

For some time I have wanted to make something special to put in my hair but haven't got the right idea. I have to admit that I LOVE hats, and if I had the materials, the tools and the opportunities to wear them, I would definately try to make my own hats.

Next weekend I will attend my long-time friend Maria's wedding and for this special occation I couldn't resist making something fun for my hair. The diadem is the one I wore at my own wedding last year.
For the wedding I will wear a dress I have sewn by myself - it will be reveald in next blogpost :) The only thing I will reveal for you today about the dress is that the fabrics I used in this flower are the same I used for the dress!

Below you will find a little tutorial how to make this flower. Please note that you need to have about 2 dm long ribbon end when all hearts are fixed on the ribbon - otherwise you won't have anything to use to attach the flower on the diadem.

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