Sunday, 8 June 2014

Pink Party Dress

As I wrote in my previous post, this Saturday I attended my long time friend Maria's wedding. And what a wonderful day it was! She was so lovely in her dress, make-up and hairstyle and the wedding reception was very beautifully arranged by our common friend Emelie who was toast-madame. They had arranged a lot of delicious food and fun entertainment during the dinner.

I wore my self-made glittery little pink dress and the flower decorated diadem I showed you guys in previous post :) The satin shoes is the same I wore at my own wedding last year - wonderful when you get to use so pretty things more than once :)

For this dress I mixed two patterns from Burda Style 12/2013, see the sketches for these two models below.

 My pink dress is made by these two patterns. 
The skirt section  of my dress is same as model 130 and the top section of my dress is same as model 122.  

Pink tulle with sparkles in four layers.

A closer look at the flower-diadem in my hair.  
The crochet cardigan is made by my mother - I think it is a true work of art.

White satin ribbon around waist, at the top edges of the heart shaped upper part, 
at backside and around neck.

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