Saturday, 24 May 2014

Toad Super Mario baby vest

Hello everyone!

I bet that all of you recognize the characters in Super Mario video games. I decided to make a little baby vest with Toad on the chest :) Baby clothes are so small so you get it finished quite fast - a great tip for those who find it too complicated and time consuming to knit sweaters for adults.
I used this pattern for the vest model (if you need it in english you can use the list to the left under the picture and choose English :)) but I made one change - I removed the button-opening at shoulders.

I used acrylic yarn for this vest because I really like the strong colors (and in my opinion, Super Mario characters are not fairly reflected in dull pale colors). It is hard to find this kind of color intensity for cotton yarn or wool.

I made this pattern of Toad myself with knitting graph paper, a lot of calculation and sketching by hand. I am quite happy with the result and now when I have tried intarsia knitting I definately think it would be exciting to try to make my own patterns with totally my own design.

The little original Super Mario doll in one of the pictures is a prize my husband won in a claw crane game machine at a London airport some years ago. He was actually very lucky that day since he also won Luigi - Mario's green brother :)

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