Saturday, 29 March 2014

Green and Yellow Baby Cardigan

Yesterday I finished this baby cardigan I have been working on since mid-December :) You can find the free pattern here on Unfortunately you can only choose between, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish but I guess you can Google-translate the most of it into English - always worth a try!

I think the way you knit this cardigan is easy and fast because you knit in vertical direction all the way around, and instead of counting rows you just measure how far you have knitted. I will certainly knit with this cardigan pattern again - I think it's a keeper!

My first intention was to make the cardigan solid color green but when I realized I didn't have enough green yarn I created the yellow pattern at right front - I think the result of my improvisation turned out well.
The buttons are shaped like little yellow flowers, I bought them in a little PFAFF shop in Jönköping. I love these buttons - so cute! :)


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