Saturday, 22 March 2014

Knitted mittens and cap

About three years ago I made these mittens and cap as a first Christmas gift for my boyfriend, now husband. It was the first knitting project I had ever done and I remember knitting on the bus every morning on my way to work to get it finished in time. My mother, who has knitted and sewn ever since I can remember, helped me understand the knitting pattern and I think it took about two months to finish both mittens and cap. I really don't know what type of yarn it is (it is actually three different yarns I found in my mothers basket full of mixed residual yarns). Later on I sew a fleece lining which was very appreciated during the really cold days.

I am glad to say that my husband has used them very much - I actually had to mend (sadly it was impossible to make it nice and neat because of the damage) two big holes on each thumb just a week ago, but now he can use them again :) or perhaps they have to wait in the drawer until next winter since the spring is coming with big steps...!

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