Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Crocheted flower hairband

As I posted some weeks ago, chrocheted roses are so pretty and you can use them to several purposes. For this week I chose to make a hairband :) I usually have my long hair down with just a little barrette to keep the hair away from my eyes, but sometimes I think it's getting a bit boring. I feel I want to spice up my hairstyle with some pretty accessories, and maybe I have found a new way to make experiments regarding crocheting and hairstyling. I will definately sit down with pen and sketchbook and try to find out more ideas...!

This hairband is made of two parts, one bond and one flower. The flower is the same model as I made in a previous post which you can find here
You can also find the instruction video for this flower all the way from beginning to end here
The bond is made after this instruction video.
To fix the flower on the bond I pulled the bond through  two of the loops on the backside of the flower. To secure the flower you can always sew some stitches with needle and thread.

Happy crocheting everyone! :)

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