Saturday, 16 January 2016

Purple Wool Kilt

This year I wanted to make something of my own to wear on Christmas Eve (that is the big celebrating day in Sweden) and it turned out to be one of my favourite garments - the kilt. I made another pink squared kilt last summer in the same style but this one is made of wool fabric and in a more traditional fashion where the pleating is narrower and the fabric is darker in color.
I really like this fabric, it is heavy and have colors of red, black, purple, yellow and green which makes it easy to match with other garments in other colors. I bought a couple of meters extra of this fabric, so maybe it will be a dress or a jacket in the future too :) However, I will never wear them at the same time as this kilt ;)
 The pattern is home made by my mother. She made me several kilts of this kind when I was a  teenager so I have used my old kilts to make my new ones. I have decided to make and wear more kilts in the future because it is such a nice and cool garment, especially when it is modernised and made in a more feminine way like this one.

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