Monday, 13 July 2015

Pink and White Plaid Kilt

For some time now I have had a pink and white plaided fabric I think is very pretty but I didn't know what to make out of it... until last weekend!
When I was in high school (no, we will not think about how many years has past since then...!) I wanted to have my own unique style and luckily I have a mother who is very talented seamstress. One type of garment that became my special feature was all my different kilts I had. When I count in my head how many different kilts I had (I still have them stored in a box somewere) I count to six and all of them were different from eachother in both length and style. I have thought about them now and then but last weekend I decided to try to make one myself. I studied one of my old kilts and tried to make a copy. My old kilt had about 3 cm deep pleats but I decided to make 5 cm deep pleats instead.
I am very pleased with the result and I was actually surprised that I could make it look so good and alike my mothers old kilt model.
I lined the kilt with a thin polyester fabric because when the kilt is so short it has the bad habit of "climbing" up the legs when I walk. I love this style and I will definately make several more kilts in the future. I think it could be my special feature again, I forgot how comfortable this garment is :)

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